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The information revolution of the past decade has resulted in more people having faster access to more accurate data than ever before. But the negative aspect of this information revolution is that it has resulted in helping unlawful elements to use it to their advantage.

Terrorists are using the Internet for networking, recruitment and mobilization, the distribution of instructions and online manuals, planning and coordination, fundraising etc. They draw information from government sites for attacks; communicate via e-mail; recruit sympathizers in chat rooms; raise funds using online questionnaires; and settle arguments through postings in their websites.

Government and law enforcement agencies need to have in place systems to investigate millions of online messages every day. Law enforcement practitioners expect agency information systems to respond quickly with an enhanced ability to recognize crime patterns and problem areas. As a result, law enforcement agencies need to improve their information systems to better analyze and use the data they collect.

To combat the growing threat of unlawful elements using the Internet to plan and carry out their activities, INNEFU offers a complete gamut of information security services for intelligence gathering under one roof.

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