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With the onset of the digital revolution the amount of digital information available to decision makers in any Organizations has exploded.

Today’s businesses thrive on information, the sheer volume of internally and externally collected data often makes finding the right information at the right time a seemingly impossible task.

The sheer volume of this data can revolutionize the science of analytics and identifying hidden patterns for intelligence which can be used to achieve business goals. The usage is multi fold and can be used in varying customer segments like BFSI, Teleco, Government & Law Enforcement Agencies.

Organisations can quickly extract value from the huge volume of data available on Internet databases, Social Media, intra agencies inputs etc and can reduce time to go to market, launch new products and services, launch new campaigns, reduce crime, meet new and emerging threats, analyse sentiments and meet rising public expectations.


Prophecy is a powerful technology that helps organisations become more efficient, and significantly enhances their ability to predict situations like , where and when crimes are more likely to happen and who may commit them

It is a Big data analysis software built on a backbone of machine learning with a visual link analysis platform.Prophecy ingests huge amounts of data available with the client and provides analysis in the form of charts and visual relationship analysis.

Key Features –

  • Establish a Digital Repository or Knowledge Bank based on Big Data Frameworks for all Analysts for Collaborative Investigation across Locations
  • Ingestion modules for ingesting Open Source Databases relevant to the organization
  • Ingest data from unstructured datasets available with the client including but not limited to documents, PDF’s, texts, xls etc.
  • Analyse data for text classification, themes and summarization, ontology extraction, entity disambiguation etc
  • Visual and textual reports for dive down analysis
  • Multi-Dimensional Link Analysis Tools for analysing Structured and Un-Structured Information including but not limited to Financial Transactions, Individual and Group Associations, Incidents and Events, advanced CDR Analysis
  • Capability to understand the Social Dynamics of the Group/Network, i.e. the role played by individuals within a network.
  • Analysis of Historical Investigation and Analysis Reports - Primitive Reports, Case Diaries, Intelligence Reports, Open Source Documents and Memos
  • Sharing and Reporting of the information securely Under Prophecy , we will have multiple modules and applications, the details of which will be shared shortly.

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