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If you were a hacker, will you try and beat the perimeter security of an organization or target the user base that may not be security conscious.

Need of Two Factor Authentication

Hackers today have many more tools and much expertise at their hands to hack into users who may not even be aware that they are the targets of an organized crime syndicate.

Organizations all over the world are becoming the favorite targets of an amateur trying to hone his skills or a skilled criminal trying to get sensitive information out of the organization.

In such an environment an organization can no longer afford to ignore the security of its vast user base which may even lead the hackers to find their way into the DMZ of the organization.

Innefu provides organizations with Two Factor Authentication based on something a user knows, and something he physically has in his possession.

Innefu’s Two Factor Authentication systems:

Protect Your Data with Two Factor Authentication

Windows logon with Active Directory
Windows logon without Active Directory
Disk Level Encryption
Web enabled applications
including Mail solutions
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