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LEA’s today get multiple inputs from multiple sources, some their own, some from other agencies. These inputs range over a course of time and are one of the most valuable assets of a police force.

These reports can generate multiple patterns and draw intelligence analysis which can help in preventing an incidence

A typical intelligence input has many parameters which can be used by an Intelligence Officer. The parameters can range from:
  • Political incidences
  • Murder, theft, robberies and other incidences in a locality
  • Intelligence gained from other agencies on specific events
  • Identified criminals in a locality
  • Interrogation report of associated criminals

Innefu’s Operational Intelligence Unit (OIU) enables Police teams to collect, collate and view data of criminals and criminal activities in a spatial manner.

The software is built with co-relations in order to achieve multi-dimensional analysis and reporting. The data is housed, tagged and indexed for faster search of individual information or an incident /activity information.

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