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Product Need

"As communication and its means, networks and techniques evolve, so does the need for its monitoring."

Over the past years, the increasing popularity and accessibility of the Internet has caused a dramatic shift in the way people share information. However, with the Internet fast becoming a breeding ground for criminal activity these ingenious and sophisticated technologies are often used to promote crime, violence and terror, which compromise the values of human society.

Terrorists today are increasingly using the Internet for communication, coordination, fundraising, recruitment and financial scams.

Service based targeting system that decodes 100% of traffic before filtering.
A single system is responsible for delivery to different Law Enforcement Monitoring Facilities.
Privacy concerns are met by ensuring that only targets relevant data is intercepted. The interception is done on the following parameters namely -
  • E-mail ID, the mail is sent from
  • E-Mail ID, the mail is sent to
  • IP address of a Sub ISP to intercept all traffic from a suspicious network
  • The keyword content in the mail.
User Privileges and escalations attached to each officer and administrator
Link Analysis and Pattern matching on all captured data
Intelligence gathering for an entire state or a region
Build a chain of suspect from a single start point
All privacy concerns are met and maintained by the product automatically
Advanced link analysis and pattern matching algorithms
Completely Automated system
Data processing of up to 10 G /s
Automated alerts on capture of suspicious data
  • Individual cases for all Investigating officers
  • Customized packet interception software which results in less than 2% data loss
  • Deep Packet Inspection technology
  • Filters applied -
    • E-Mail ID of the sender/receiver
    • Keyword Filtering
    • IP Address
  • Matches made within all data received including attachments which include -
    • Word files
    • Presentations
    • Images
  • All data captured and decoded in Innefuís Interface
  • Customized alerts sent to the respective IO
  • All data from suspect sessions is captured and analyzed
  • A customizable AI module to introduce new rule set and conduct pattern matching and link analysis on a case to find the approximate locations of suspects, the entire chain of command and control center and the multiple modules working together
Case Study

Though distances are irrelevant in terms of Internet connectivity, for the reasons of confidentiality we shall use area size instead of mentioning the entities concerned.

Innefu Labs was tasked to deploy our Internet Monitoring System across an area size of more than 200,000 Sq Km. The interception was to be done across a particular ISP with maximum traffic bandwidth in the area.

The deployment was completed in four months and regular tests were carried out with the clientís officials to ensure that 100% traffic capture and decoding was done. After satisfactory results submitted by the officials, the system was made live to capture results.

Donít wait. Ask for a Proof of Concept to see internet interception live!

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