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Innefu AuthShield Hard Token

Innefu’s AuthShield Hard Token is the most cost effective, secure and ideal solution for an organization looking to provide the best security to its vast user base.

The solution guarantees protection from identity thefts and is an ideal solution for logging into VPN, critical applications, Active Directory, LDAP etc.

Innefu’s AuthShield Hard Token provides a user with a new dynamic password after every 90 seconds. The time duration has been calculated keeping in mind the authentication request time out and optimizes the efficiency of the tokens.

The tokens have been indigenously built and designed using a patent pending process.

Architecture of AuthShield Hard Token

Features of AuthShield Hard Token

  • Patent pending design process leading to less than 1% time synchronization problems
  • Single Sign On when integrated with LDAP or MS Active Directory
  • Whitelisting feature available for an organization to brand the tokens
  • Warranted tokens against the life time of each token
  • Unbreakable encryption algorithm which combines time, algorithm and a unique identifier
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