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Most businesses can no longer afford to ignore the threat from within. However, the IT infrastructure of most Indian and multinational organizations are yet to address the full complexity of internal threats. Unlike external information threats to an organization, internal information breaches are multidimensional. The threats may range from misuse of official email, copying confidential data or inserting backdoors into critical applications. More importantly, these threats come from the most trustworthy of sources – company’s internal employees. These actions may/may not be deliberate but they do take place.

Confidential information about a business' customers or finances or new product line falling into the hands of a competitor could lead to lost business, law suits or even bankruptcy of the business. Protecting confidential information is a business requirement, and in many cases also an ethical and legal requirement.

A major facilitating factor for all most of these attacks is the single factor authentication in vogue today (using just a password and user name). It becomes quite easy for an individual to capture user names and passwords of other individuals using the same IT infrastructure. There are multiple techniques like Sniffing, installing Key Logger, MIM (Man in Middle attacks) or zombie attacks for the same.

INNEFU offers Two Factor Authentication, a fool proof way to authenticate and verify the identity of the person or any other entity requesting access under security constraints.

INNEFU also offers the following services to protect your Information Systems from all kinds of internal and external threats:
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