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Disk Level Encryption

AuthShield USB Token can be used to log into a desktop / laptop. The system works on the basis of digital signature of the user.

All data is automatically encrypted before it is saved and decrypted when it is read.

The product is integrated with AuthShield USB Token which contains a tiny computer chip (secured EEPROM) for storing the digital signature of the user. The digital signatures are encrypted and stored in the device.

The entire file system is encrypted including file names etc. To read encrypted data on the disk the user needs to insert the USB Token.

  • Decrypted Data Storage - The decrypted data is never stored on the disk unless the encryption is removed permanently which can only be done by the system administrator.
  • Platform Independent Authentication Mechanism
  • Security from Identity theft Even if the laptop is stolen the data will be secured
  • Pipeline Architecture - The system takes advantage of a pipeline architecture which allows data to be read and written as fast as if the drive was not encrypted.
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