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Product Need

Cyber Café and unsecured wireless networks are increasingly used by terrorists to coordinate and plan their attacks.

Innefu offers "99% Secure", a modular product for Cyber Café surveillance to systematically approach and remove the problems faced by various security agencies and make it very difficult for terrorists to use unsecured Cyber Cafés.

Authenticate every user using the Cyber Café Multi Factor authentication mechanism for Cyber Café users
Intercept all mails and other communication from the Cyber Café
Link Analysis and powerful visualization to extract maximum intelligence from the data
Pre-empt a crime scenario by predicting future criminal actions, such as the arrival of trafficked people or money transfers between offenders etc.
Implementation of IT Act 2008 via technology
Comprehensive Cyber Café surveillance for all Internet traffic
Flexible and scalable architecture
Identify a terrorist network by finding further links and people in a group
Partial automation of the task of intelligence gathering
Module 1: Two Level Authentication – Mapping Identification to Mobile Number
  • All Cyber Cafes and public wireless networks such as airports etc would have a filter
  • To access the net, the user would have to enter his mobile number on the browser screen
  • The mobile number of the user would be sent along with the following information -
    • Time & Date of the system
    • IP Address of the system
    • MAC address of the system
    • Approximate location of the user
    • A Counter
  • An algorithm would randomly generate a code with all the above parameters
  • The code would be fed into the database & sent to the user via SMS
  • User would only be able to access the Internet from the Computer in which he has fed the mobile number as code is a combination of IP & MAC Address.

Module 2: Data Packets Filtering and Interception

All data packets to the ISP provider would be filtered by multiple probes. The filtering of data can be on the basis of –

  • E-Mail ID of the sender/receiver
  • Keyword Filtering
  • IP Address

Module 3: Pattern Analysis and Linking for Structured and Unstructured Data

The module would provide powerful visual investigative analysis tools for extracting and analyzing data from both structured and unstructured data.

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