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Our R&D team consists of experienced industry professionals as well as ethical hackers to ensure a holistic security team.

We identify vulnerabilities / loopholes and then develop technologies to plug them!

Innovation in Information Security System

One size fits all does not even apply on clothes, forget about Information Security needs of different organizations.

With the advent of more and more technology in our day to day life, the needs to protect IT assets and information vary between multiple organizations.

On multiple occasions, customized solutions are needed, a scenario where our commitment to walk the extra mile with our partners along with our strong technical expertise come in handy.

Comprehensive Information Security Services

We offer a complete gamut of Information Security services under one roof.

Our services for corporate include:

  • Complete corporate security process management
  • Website security and protection from hackers
  • Application security and piracy prevention
  • Cyber Investigation

We work with various law enforcement agencies for lawful interception, cyber café surveillance, link analysis and technical research to combat the growing threat of hacking being used in terrorism

Stringent Self Information Security Policies

Our relationships are unique to us. A relationship with one client – including his confidential reports – is never shared with another client.

Within the organization, client confidentiality is ensured by demarcation between multiple teams to ensure that you and only you have the complete access to your reports and other details.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Quality assurance is embedded and built in to the development life cycle of each and every product of ours.

The value of our products is only derived by the output they deliver to the client.

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We can help you secure your critical applications from all threats.
Just give us a call at +91.11.4706.5866 or email info@innefu.com