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Internet is the new playground for unwanted elements of society intent on committing terrorist or espionage activities, financial frauds or identity thefts.

INNEFU is a research oriented Information Security consulting group specializing in meeting the Information Security needs of the consumer via specialized products and services.

We offer a complete gamut of Information Security services under one roof which includes our patented and patent pending products:

Information Security Products and Services

Our products including Tactical Internet interception and Monitoring System have been used by Law Enforcement Agencies to investigate hacking attacks while our Two Factor Authentication system ensures secure and failsafe online/credit card transactions by creating a dynamic password every time the user wishes to log in.

Security Solutions for Industry Verticals

We serve diverse industry verticals and the prominent amongst them are Law Enforcement, BFSI, BPOs/KPOs, E-commerce, IT/ITES, Education, Telecom etc.

Client confidentiality is of utmost importance to us and stringent practices and measures are in place to keep the confidentiality of our client’s data.

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We can help you secure your critical applications from all threats.
Just give us a call at +91.11.4706.5866 or email info@innefu.com