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Utility of Data Mining Applications

As the data provided by the telecom industries in their CDRís is in very large amount and completely raw in nature, it is humanly impossible to draw patterns out of thousands of calls made between different individuals.

The Information Security problems range from:

  • Manual Analysis
  • Using tools which take humongous amount of training and are extremely expensive

InteleLinx – Innefuís Data Mining Software

Innefuís InteleLinx is a copyrighted product which has been created to analyze large number of CDRís and provide meaningful information in the form of a visual investigative graph revealing a clear picture of what your data is telling you. The software has multiple reports available that are required by the LEAís.

The data mining software has been successfully used for:

  • Investigating murder cases
  • Investigating bomb blasts
  • Investigating armed robberies carried out in different locations
  • Identifying movements of a suspect
  • Hawala cases

The software has been deployed successfully by multiple state police departments in India. References, case studies and Pay Orders will be provided on demand.

We guarantee that this is the most useful, easy to use and inexpensive CDR toolkit available in the country. Donít believe us? Ask for a Free Demo.

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